Four Types of Foods That Cause Acne

Foods that cause acne are generally foods that can increase blood sugar which can then trigger increased insulin. With increasing levels of insulin in the body, oil production in the skin will increase, making it more prone to cause acne. Then what are the foods associated with the cause of acne and what are healthy steps to avoid it? Acne is a skin disease that usually appears around the face, chest, or back. The levels can vary, ranging from mild ones such as blackheads to more severe levels such as spots that contain cysts and pus. In general, acne is caused by changes in hormone levels, but there are also some foods that can cause acne more easily appear. The following are four foods that you should avoid in order to avoid acne. Potato chips Potato chips turn out to have a high glycemic index which can trigger increased insulin and glucose in the body. In addition to potato chips, french fries, and bread also have a high glycemic index that you should avoid. Cake and soda F…
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